Premium internet access from 2011

Premium internet access

Best choice for video-streaming, on-line games, VoIP

If your business depends on internet's quality, INFINITY TELECOM can delivery top quality connection in Romania

Flexible short time contracts

We provide contracts with terms starting from 6 months.

Proactive monitoring

Each line its monitored, to know when problem occurs before you call to support

We can quarantee

Unbeatable upload speed

  • Luxemburg

  • London

  • Washington

We can quarantee

Zero fluctuation

When we talk about quality we talk about stability, we can deliver our service with no fluctuation more than 99% of time.

We can guarantee

Nothing but premium support

You don't buy just a internet connection, you buy top quality support.
All plans have included: remote troubleshoot, 24/24 support

We don't promise to be cheap

We promise to be the best!

We start from 70 € per month, depends on your location, numbers of IPs and bandwidth.

The most frequent questions


All our plans include static (routable) IPs, We offer from 1 IP to 64 IPs per location.


When it's needed we can provide bandwidth graphs.


All lines have a pro-active alert, we know if there is a problem and we start to fix it before to call us


The first invoice include installation fee and first month

Not from Romania!

We work only with international top upstreams.